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Ken Harris and Andy McClelland

Ken and Andy have been playing together since 1969 (and have known each other since 1964 Rolph Road Public School in Toronto Mr. Henry Hill principal). They still play the first song they ever learned together (I'm Not Sayin' by Gordon Lightfoot). They have been playing together for so long that they now finish each other's musical sentences.

Ken and Andy have played such venues as Toronto's Massey Hall and Tony Mah's Bamboo Gardens Dine and Dance in Kindersley, Saskatchewan in 1972. They were booked in Kindersley by Dottie Petch. These names have not been changed to protect the innocent and, not to be outdone in the naming department, they billed themselves as the “Harris and McClelland Traveling Road Show”. However, the marquee at Tony Mah's was a little small for that mouthful so it got shortened to the much simpler “Show and Tell”.